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Green Politics must become the Politics of the Regions – all the Regions, from the celestial to the subterranean. Let the next Gathering of the Greens conduct all its business in poetry. This will foreshadow the day when America will be Green. Even better, the day when for a small fee we do an international name exchange and America becomes a large frozen island, while Green Land extends from sea to shining sea. The day when Green Politics rules. The day when the President pantomimes the Inaugural Address and sings the State of the Union in falsetto. The day when the Supreme Court sits naked in powdered wigs and hands down rulings in Pig Latin. The day when the Congress throws a multi-party and dances all the Laws out of existence.(Trecho do The Surre(gion)alist Manifesto , John P. Clark)
É preciso ultrapassar as formas mórbidas e dilacerantes da política atual. Não adianta só as contestações, enquanto persistir seus mecanismos genocidas e desumanizantes é necessário agir diretamente s…